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Uncover Useful Analytics for Your Emailed POs and Invoices


AventX Mail SC is all you need to uncover email analytics for your company's delivered business documents 

confirmed invoices and pos

Eliminate Lost POs & Invoices

Improve your cash flow and ensure supplies and production materials arrive on time with confirmed receipt in EBS.

flag invalid emails

Flag Invalid Emails

Automatically flag bad emails in the Oracle database, allowing your team to correct and resend emails without IT support.

improve productivity

Boost Productivity & Satisfaction

Improve your employee productivity and customer satisfaction by eliminating follow-up calls resulting from lost emails.

AventX offers email analytics through a simple graphical-user interface so your frontline staff and administrators can see the exact date and time a recipient views a document. In addition, if your users find a failed message, he or she can immediately resend it without submitting a support ticket or regenerating the original request, lightening the load for your IT team.

Should an important business document be sent to an erroneous email address, AventX can identify the email address as undeliverable in your Oracle database allowing the problem to be quickly corrected while preventing repeated errors and the associated frustration.

With AventX, you can:

  • Eliminate lost invoices resulting in improved cash flow
  • Eliminate lost POs ensuring consistent receipt of supplies and production materials
  • Reduce IT’s effort to troubleshoot delivery issues
  • Automatically flag invalid email addresses in your Oracle database
  • Provide users the ability to correct and resend failed emails
  • Improve employee productivity by reducing time and work associated with locating lost emails
  • Enhance customer and supply chain relationships by reducing annoying follow-up communication due to lost documents

Start reviewing email analytics for your company's critical documents today!

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