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Streamline Email Delivery and Tracking Inside Oracle EBS


Manage your organization's outbound delivery of every EBS generated document with  AventX Oracle Connector

improve productivity

Boost Productivity & Satisfaction

Increase employee productivity by giving them the control to troubleshoot delivery without relying on IT.

confirmed invoices and pos

Eliminate Lost POs & Invoices

Improve your cash flow and ensure supplies and production materials arrive on time with confirmed status in EBS.

easy interface

Deliver with a User-Friendly Interface

Create and control all outbound deliveries within Oracle using a familiar interface and "Outlook-like" email functionality.

While Oracle's Delivery Manager provides basic email delivery of your PO's, invoices and reports, IT is still responsible for the hassle of tracking down and re-sending lost emails. Unnecessary support tickets come in using your IT team's valuable time and resources. In addition, the set-up required to email documents varies significantly from module to module requiring custom processes. These customizations not only complicate your daily support efforts, but your upgrades and updates as well. Keep your IT team focused on more important tasks by eliminating these time-consuming interruptions. Why not consider a centralized, unified solution that standardizes your email efforts, simplifies support, and provides more flexibility for your users?

The AventX Oracle Connector from STR Software not only offers a consistent document delivery experience across EBS modules, but also provides delivery status either right in EBS or through a user-friendly GUI. PO's, invoice, and other reports can be sent in batch or interactively and your end users can monitor and re-send failed transmissions without IT's involvement. 

With AventX, you can:

  • Minimize support ticket submissions by empowering users with control to track and manage sent documents
  • Reduce complexity by having a centralized process regardless of report, module, and delivery type
  • Eliminate ongoing management of document delivery customizations and troubleshooting
  • Track the status of important business documents such as PO's and invoices
  • Automatically add attachments to emailed reports
  • Submit documents for delivery with 75% fewer clicks

Unify document delivery with one seamless solution and optimize your use of Oracle EBS!

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